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Some of the most innovative kulaBrands supported products can be found in the electronics category. From the most versatile charging cord that works with almost every device you have, to some really powerful waterproof mini speakers, these brands are making waves. Here are a few of their accomplishments:

NstaJam– NstaJam is a superior line of audio and technology-related equipment that offers innovative design elements, exceptional durability, and multi-dimensional capabilities that are affordable, exceptional and of the highest quality.  They can be found in many retail stores and has also obtained the rights to the Heartbeat Lullabies to complete a great al encompassed speaker product.

Cords of Steel– Cords of Steel is the only two-sided universal right angle charging cord available today.  It can be found in multiple Ace hardware stores, Magellans, Touch of Modern, Zuilly, and many independent retail stores and locations nationwide. 

Real products that people want and found in multiple retail locations…enough said. 

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