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Kula Music

kula music

Since starting the music division, kulaBrands has launched 5 artists in 5 different genres. They include King of Hearts (classic rock), Donavon Lee Carpenter (country), Humble G da Fiddla (hip hop(e)), Jaclyn Holmes (blues), and Nya Marquez (pop).

  1.  Nya Marquez is in her own category as although she is also one of the kulaBrands music artists, she most recently signed a contract with Melt Media.  Melt Media is run by Elle and Bernt  Ullman. We could share all about them or we can just let this video speak for itself.

Ok, this in itself should be enough to realize how legitimate kulaBrands is. BUT as you continue to look through our site you will see even more great things happening. 

2.  Donavon won the Josie Award in 2019 for best new male artist.  He has also been top of many charts including the EACM chart as you can see below. Just look who he is ahead of on these charts! and he did it more than once as you can see.

eacm chart

3. King of Hearts is made up of Grammy-winning musicians that have been in or sang with bands such as Journey, Whitesnake, Boston, Toto, and so many more. You can read about them on their site  They have also recently signed with Melodic Records. Check out the end of this video! What do you see ? 🙂

4.  Jaclyn Holmes – Jaclyn is a Canadian blues and jazz singer with an amazing voice. She recently won emerging artist of the year at the  Marty awards.



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