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Babies and Kids

babies and kids

One of the most successful categories for Kula has been the babies and kids products that have come on board. Everyone loves babies, right! The fact that the products also complement each other so well and the concept of collaboration is in full swing here, it just makes sense that these products are some of the most successful. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Swabbies– swabbies is a prefilled diaper rash applicator that parents can take on the go. It can currently be found in Buy Buy Baby stores nationwide,, Amazon, a local Rexall store, and many other smaller retail locations. They are a national sponsor of the March and Dimes and also have a pediatrician program introducing the product to the right audience.

Drop it Baby – Drop it Baby is a sanity saver for parents to keep dropped toys and sippy cups off the dirty floor. It also can be found on Amazon, and many smaller retail stores.

EZ On Babeez – EZ On Babeez is an innovatively designed baby bodysuit that opens in the front and is snapless making it easy for parents to change the baby with little mess and with ease. They can also be found in Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, and many smaller retailers.

Hug-A-Boo-Boo– Hug-a-booboo is a specialty kids bandage with extra padding and designed in cute animal shapes for all kids to adore. They have been utilized in St Jude’s hospitals, PM Pediatrics Urgent Cares, and other doctors and retail stores nationwide. 

Yahooty Who– Yahooty Who is a kids brand that includes books, animation, merchandise and more. They have won the Amazon Kindle top kids book for numerous weeks and have a lot planned to make this brand a household name. It is based on the Yahooty character that helps explain the typical questions kids have in a very creative way. 

Check out this great collaborative effort by some of the above product company owners. Isn’t it cute? It is called the TotBox and it is a subscription service for new parents. 

tot box

It just shows that we have real collaboration happening with the kulaBrands inventors and entrepreneurs, too!

So …Scam? NO WAY!! 







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