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kulaBrands does have something for everyone and these two automotive products are also ones that have seen some great successes, as they grow every day.

Tuckvisor – Tuckvisor is a removable side sunshade. Although that sounds like a simple product, it has been one of the most kulaBrands supported product to date. It can be purchased at all TA Petras nationwide, it is one of the most popular products on Amazon, and it has even been on HSN. 

Hooptie- Hooptie is a waterless carwash and wax in one that can clean an entire car, inside and out, and has been known to be the hit of any car show around. It can also be found in numerous retail stores and is also being rebranded for inside the house as it works that good.

Just more real products that real people love and are being sold by many non-kulaBrands outlets.




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